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1,500 SQ.FT clinic combine with consultation, specialist clinical services.
Our Design intended to provide a warm space to lead patients can feel smooth and comfortable in the consultation process of seeing a doctor. The design of a clinic must be clear and smooth. This requires us to design the layout and planning of functions such as registration, medical treatment, etc., to ensure the coordination and cooperation between each functional area.
Through the layout planning, the overall space if formed well with sense of order.

1,500平方尺 診所與諮詢服務和專業的臨床服務相結合。
我們的設計旨在為求診者提供一個溫暖的空間,使患者在就醫諮詢過程中能夠感到舒適和舒適。 診所設計必須清晰,流暢。 這就要求我們設計功能的佈局和規劃,例如掛號、就診、檢查、配藥、及輪候的過程當中作適當又流暢的動線規劃等,以確保每個功能區域之間的協調與合作。

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