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Restaurant- Canteen


An area of ​​1,000 SQ.FT restaurant canteen design.

While retaining a part of the original decoration of the restaurant, one of the biggest challenges for the design team is: How to match a new design elements with the partial retaining decoration, not only to achieve the effects of the new design, but also to have the appropriate connection between the new design and the retained decoration.

Moreover, with certain restrictions on the selection of materials and colors, how to use the overall design to create a new environment for the restaurant is the focus of this purpose.


在保留餐廳原有一部份裝修的情況下,設計團隊其中一個最大的挑戰是: 在新的設計元素與舊有的空間如何配合,既要做到新設計的成效,新設計與保留裝飾之間的適當連接。


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