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School Library


The secondary school library with an area of ​​1,000 SQ.FT. , combined with the new learning system, has given a refresh look to the image of the library that has been established for more than 40 years, bringing students closely to the school in the style of Wenqing bookstore style.
The use of materials and colors uses wood textured and warm colors to enhance the intimacy of the book.

The new design adds platform steps not only as a collection of books, but also as a reading and leisure area. The time for students to stay in the library to read has increased.

Although the volume of books in the library is one of the key points, the design team still adopted a mid level height bookcase for the day light goes in. With the consideration of the Wenqing style, which is both environmental friendly and greatly increases the feeling of leisure.

The design makes the environment comfortable and soft, and with the new system facilities, students can increase their reading time in the library.

面積1000 尺的中學圖書館,配合智能學習系統讓創校40年多的圖書館形象煥然一新,以文青書店的風格與學生們拉近距離。




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