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Stem Lab

校園 1,200平方呎電腦室,充滿科技感,啟發創意學習。


基於以上要求,Smart Interior Limited設計團隊為學校選上活動桌椅,部分書桌更配上滑輪,方便移動。除此之外,部分書桌的基座更隱藏儲物櫃,方便師生存放平板電腦或其他物品。這些儲物櫃底配滑輪,可以輕鬆地將整個櫃移出來,構成不同的學習場景。

設計團隊補充:「我們期望天(天花)、地 (座地櫃)、牆 (牆面)均以藍色調連貫,構成一個整體。」
藍色調更從電腦室外牆,伸延至鄰近課室的外牆及走廊,使整個樓層一片亮眼的藍色調。而 AI Innovation Lab字樣更在電腦室外清楚標示,同學們即使在遠距離,也可以一目了然。

The 1,200 Sqft computer room on campus is full of technology and inspires creative learning.

This stem lab is an open plan. The school requires a flexible learning space that can be transformed into a learning environment with five different functions at any time: first, the tables and chairs can be used for group discussions and are movable; second, the tables and chairs can be flexibly combined into different group discussions scene; third, tables and chairs are combined to form a large conference space; fourth, the desktop and the wall form a display area, and match the surrounding environment; fifth, the desktops of teachers and students are connected to form a special discussion area.

Based on the above requirements, the design team of Smart Interior Limited selected movable tables and chairs for the school. Some desks are even equipped with pulleys for easy movement. In addition, some desks have hidden lockers at their bases, making it convenient for teachers and students to store tablets or other items. These lockers are equipped with pulleys at the bottom, so the entire cabinet can be easily moved out to create different learning scenarios.

The design team added: "We hope that the sky (ceiling), floor (base cabinet), and wall (wall surface) will all be connected in blue to form a whole."
The blue tone extends from the exterior walls of the school exterior walls and corridors of adjacent classrooms, giving the entire floor a dazzling blue tone. The words “AI Innovation Lab “are clearly marked outside the computer room so that students can see it at a glance even from a distance.

Stem Lab
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