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Julimount Garden


Area of ​​1,512 SQ.FT. is a 4-bedroom unit. The unit lives in a family of four. The family members often go out for vacations and like comfortable and casual home furnishings.
The design team uses the colors that each family member likes to make the room design features, taking into account the balance between maintaining the consistency of the overall design and respecting everyone’s preferences, so that each family member can share the space of the living and dining room. There are also their own unique personal spaces.

面積 1,512平方尺 4房單位,戶主一家四口居住,男戶主退休前經常工幹居住酒店,而各家庭成員也常常出外旅遊渡假,喜歡舒適休閑的家居佈置。

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