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2-bedroom unit with an area of ​​630 SQ.FT. residential space has adjusted the moving line of hygiene in response to changes in household hygiene habits during the epidemic. This is also reflected in the spatial planning of the interior design. The design team created a porch location as a clothing filter and shoe cabinet storage for just returning home. The space, let the user rectify first before entering the comfortable home.

面積 630平方尺 2房單位,因應疫情期間的家居衛生習慣改變而調整了生活動綫,也反映在室內設計的空間規劃當中,設計團隊營造了玄關位置作為剛回家的衣物過濾以及鞋櫃收納的空間,讓戶主整頓好之後才走進家中。

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