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La Cite Noble


The 3-bedroom unit with an area of ​​500 SQ.FT. has been very practical for more than 20 years. However, the styles and finishes of the custom-made furniture many years ago have become outdated and damaged. The design team has paid attention to the selection of materials and color matching. Even the partitions and furniture design that have not been greatly changed can still play a practical, look nice and comfortable space with storage elements.

面積 500平方尺 3房單位,20多年的前裝修設計一直都很實用,耐何多年前訂造傢俬的款式與飾面己經過時以及已經損壞,設計團隊在選材、顏色配搭上花了心思,就算是沒有大改動過的間隔,以及傢俬設計,也能發揮出實用、美觀以及具備收納元素的舒適空間。

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