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The Pinnacle


The 4-bedroom unit with an area of ​​660 SQ.FT. simply distinguishes the workspace and the TV area in terms of space planing and color, including a movable workbench to distinguish the space application, but the overall outlook makes the TV area and the working area into one, so that the sense of space of the living room and dining room can be expanded.

The washing machine originally placed in the kitchen now placed in the guest toilet to expand the usable space of the kitchen.

The design also solve the storage problems, and the study room can also be used as another resting place.

Make a clear distinction between the kitchen and the living room. Solve the blurring of the open kitchen and living room space caused by the hoarding of items.

The clear and definite storage location keeps the space tidy and clean. It is also easy for clients to keep refresh, tidy in the future.

面積 660平方尺 4房單位,在設計及顏色佈局上簡單區分了工作間及電視區域,包括加添可活動的工作枱,以便在空間應用上區分,但整體視覺上將電視區與工作間成為一個整體,這樣就可以將整個客飯廳的空間感擴大了。





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