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Upper River Bank


Area of 1,072 SQ.FT. with 4-bedroom focuses on simplicity, the use of lines, and flexible storage methods.

The client has a traditional habit of worshiping gods. How to integrate the traditional altar cabinet into the overall simple design is one of the characteristics of this design project.
The children's room is not only used as a rest space, but also has the functions of storing textbooks, hobby books, study and wardrobe.
The master room is also a collection of study, TV leisure, cloakroom and work and rest space.
In Hong Kong, where the land is so precious, it is even more important to strike a balance between making good use of space and choosing materials for the overall design.

面積 1,072平方尺 4房單位,以簡潔、線條運用,以及靈活的收納方式為整個設計重點。


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