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Worldwide Gardens 沙田世界花園


This housing estate is over 40 years old. The new owner had already started renovating it well when he bought it. Can the original furniture be reused?
This design project of the Smart Interior Limited team is to undertake the large-scale renovation carried out by the previous owner 4-5 years ago. The window sills, windows, wooden floors and original furniture are retained, and the home environment can also be created as desired.

A half-height cabinet is added to the original TV cabinet in the master room, and the other end is deepened and flattened with a shaped display board. The original TV cabinet can be converted into a study desk and storage, integrating the functions of reading, storage, and display.

In principle, the bathroom of the unit faces the living and dining room. In addition to the sense of aesthetic and tidy appearance, the hygienic feeling also needs to be improved, so a sliding door was added to the design.

The sliding doors add interest to the design. The special wallpaper is used to match the hanging and low cabinets next to the dining space to make the area integrated. The color matching of the special wallpaper echoes the color of the wall of the TV cabinet in the living room. , let the space enhance coherence.

The master room has a lot windows. After considering the owner's preference for the bedside sitting position, the design covered one side of the original windows behind, expanded the space on the windows and added a feature wallpaper, and enhanced the luxurious feel of the space.
The back of the bed can be used as a concealed door, an open shelf, with bedside power supply. This design layout is suitable for the owner to add a double bed by himself.

40多年的屋苑,新屋主買樓的時候已有不錯的上手裝修, 有部份原有傢俬可否改裝後再用?今次Smart Interior Limited 團隊這個設計改裝項目就是承接上手業主4-5 年前的大型裝修,保留了窗台、窗、地板和原有傢俬,也一樣可以建造心水的家居環境。




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