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Home Organizing after renovation


❓Obviously, I have spent money to decorate the whole house. I have not been able to return the items to their place. The mess continues. I have read a lot of storage materials and books. I clearly understand the concept of organization. I really want to organize but I don’t know how to start. A whole year. How to do?

This time, I was commissioned by client B to organize her home and "see the sky again" in the plant room that she had never dreamed of; and the living room can make room for entertaining friends.
As the various items in the home are scattered in different places and time is limited, the whole body is affected by one thing. The tidying up this time is really a big challenge!

The troubles of customer B:
😖 My daily work is already very busy, and I don’t have time to organize.
😖 The plant room has become a utility room, and a large amount of stocking is impossible even with two feet on the plant room. The beloved potted plants can only be placed in the kitchen.
😖 The dining room is "overwhelmed" by objects, and the combing becomes a pile of clothes. It is also very difficult to make a sitting space, not to mention entertaining friends.
😖 I often "turn left and right", and simply buy it when I can't find it, wasting time and money.

Customer B’s finishing goals:
📌 Establish an effective storage system, no longer "click left and right" and repeat purchases.
📌 The plant room becomes a comfortable reading area, where you can enjoy coffee while reading and enjoying your favorite plants.
📌 The dining room is clean and tidy, entertaining friends.

Organizing process:
✅ Sorting and sorting the items. In addition to sorting by item category and nature of use, a lot of repeated purchases, gifts from friends or shopping, were found, and they were screened immediately.
✅ Divide according to living habits and scope of activities.
✅ According to the size, choose suitable storage supplies.
✅ Old photos and travel photos are stored as electronic files (customer B's homework).
✅ Cultivate the habit of returning items after use (customer B's homework).

Changes after finishing:
🔎 Systematic storage allows customer B to find items clearly, reducing repeated purchases and wasting money.
🔎 Customer B can make good use of the home drawer next to the main entrance to settle the things he has when he comes home every day. The guest and dining room reduces confusion, and provides a comfortable space for enjoyment, which can be used to entertain friends.
🔎 The coffee machine and other related appliances that were originally placed in the living room were moved to the small tea cabinet near the plant room. The cleaned up plant room becomes a leisurely reading area, where you can enjoy the plants, think of ideas, and taste coffee.

In a tidy home, without the accumulation of debris, the whole aura will be improved. The plant room that sees the sky again, the living and dining room that was submerged to save, the coffee reading area that was accidentally harvested, the different rooms are separated, carrying the family’s love ❤️

P.S: :Because I only met the head of the household after the renovation, please contact us for information before the renovation and make consultation before the renovation.



😖 日常工作已經十分忙碌,平日沒時間整理。
😖 植物房變成了雜物房,大量的囤積連雙腳踏足植物房也不可能,心愛的盤栽只能放置在廚房內。
😖 客飯廳被物品「淹沒」了,梳化也變成衣物堆,騰出一個坐的空間也很困難,莫說是招待朋友。
😖 經常「左搵右搵」,找不到便索性去買,浪費時間和金錢。

📌 建立有效收納系統,不再「左搵右搵」又重複購買。
📌 植物房成為舒適的閱讀區,既可以一邊品嘗咖啡、一邊閱讀、一邊欣賞喜歡的植物。
📌 客飯廳整潔,招待朋友。

✅ 把物品篩選和分類,除了按照物品類別、使用性質分類,其間還發現了很多重複購買的東西,朋友或購物而來的贈品,馬上作出篩選。
✅ 按照生活習慣、活動範圍作區分。
✅ 按照尺寸,選購合適的收納用品。
✅ 舊相片、旅行照以電子檔案儲存(客戶B的功課)。
✅ 培養物品使用后歸位的習慣(客戶B的功課)。

🔎 有系統的收納能讓客戶B清楚找到物品,減少重複購買,浪費金錢。
🔎 客戶B每天回到家既能善用大門玄關旁邊的家居抽屜以安頓好手上的東西。客飯廳減少混亂,滕出舒適的空間享用,既可招待朋友。
🔎 原本放在客廳的咖啡機等有關用具移到近植物房的小型茶水柜中,整理後的植物房成為悠閑的閱讀區,既一邊欣賞植物、想點子、也可以一邊品嘗咖啡。


P.S: :因為是裝修後才認識戶主,裝修前歡迎聯絡我們資訊,作裝修前的整理諮詢。

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