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Office Organizing Consultation


Office Organizing Consultation

📝There are so many things to do and to do, the office is too chaotic and I am not in the mood to work, what should I do?

📌Entrusted by the client to organize her office this time, a very practical working environment. I just moved in for more than a month. It must meet the functions of signing orders and station inventory. The two requirements are indeed very different. How do they connect?
Organizing is really a challenge!

😃First understand the daily operation of the client's work, and then help her tailor a suitable organization and storage plan.

Organizing process:
✅ Sorting and sorting the items. In addition to classifying the items according to their category and nature of use, they also found gifts from friends. There are a lot of finely divided items, so they will be screened immediately.
✅ Divide according to work habits and scope of activities.
✅ Measuring ruler, creating suitable storage supplies.
✅ The room is small, and it is necessary to reduce materials and cabinets to expand the visible space on the floor.
✅ Cultivate the habit of returning things to their original place (customer's homework).

Changes after finishing:
🔎 The visible floor space expands, and the office becomes refreshing and concise.
🔎 Add a little creative finishing, the room has more floral fragrance, and the environment is more comfortable with sunlight.
🔎 Coupled with creativity, with the existing resources available for use, the entire storage only costs tens of yuan to buy two storage boxes. In line with economic benefits and reduce waste.
🔎 Store inventory at the station easily, and it won’t mess up the office. Even if a customer signs an order, the office is still tidy and decent.
🔎 The display utensils collected at the bottom of the table and the certificates hidden beside the corner of the table can finally be put to good use. "Heroes have their abilities."

The office is simple and efficient, and is the result of tailor-made for customers. In addition, the room is full of energy and efficiency after being cleaned up, and the room is full of energy and efficiency.

Believe that customers will be more prosperous after finishing their work and work happily ❤️




✅ 把物品篩選和分類,除了按照物品類別、使用性質分類,其間還發現了朋友送來的贈品,細碎的物品數量不少,馬上作出篩選。
✅ 按照工作習慣、活動範圍作區分。
✅ 度尺,創作合適的收納用品。
✅ 房間細少,更要減物、減地櫃將地板可見的空間擴大。
✅ 養成物歸原位的習慣(客戶的功課)。

🔎 可見的地板空間擴大,辦公室變得清爽又簡潔。
🔎 加點創意的整理,房間多了花香,配合陽光,環境更加舒服。
🔎 再加上創意,在現有的資源可作運用下,整個收納只需花費幾十元買二個收納盒。符合經濟效益以及減少浪費。
🔎 站存貨輕鬆收納,也不會將辦公室變混亂,就算有客戶來簽單,辦公室依然整潔得體。
🔎 收藏在枱底的陳列用具、藏在枱角一旁的證書,終於可以好好發揮運用,「英雄有用武之地」了。



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